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Why Craft Concierge?

We are a locally owned, direct primary care clinic that meets the needs of patients when they need us and how they need us. Our patients have two membership options to choose from: primary and comprehensive.

What’s included

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Advanced Imaging

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No Wait,
Same Day Appointments

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1:1 with your Doctor

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In-House Lab +

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Unlimited Appointments

Unlimited Physician Appointments



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Unlimited physician appointments
Point of Care Lab Tests (Such as Strep, Flu, Covid)
Minor Procedures (Sutures, Wart Removal, Etc.)
Body Composition Analysis
Core LabsUnlimited
Coronary Calcium Score
Advanced Diagnostic Imaging (CT, MRI, Ultrasound)3/yr
Initial Physical Therapy Evaluation10 sessions/yr
Medications Available In-Office
Bone Density Test
Body Scan
Brain MRI
Food Sensitivity Testing
Holter Monitor
Cardiovascular Program
Weight Management Program
Early Cancer Detection
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