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Simple Pricing, Maximum Value

Both of our direct primary care memberships give you access to premium 1-on-1 treatment with a physician focused on your health. Whether you’re in search of something comprehensive or a plan that’s a bit more straightforward, Craft Concierge has you covered.

Comprehensive Care Memberships

Craft Concierge’s Comprehensive Membership provides patients unlimited 1:1 physician appointments, same-day appointments, access to our virtual care team, and a plethora of medical resources including your dietician and physical therapy sessions if needed.

Best of all? You get an individualized approach to your health.

In addition, Comprehensive members receive access to more extensive benefits and our three core programs: Early cancer detection, cardiovascular, and lifestyle optimization.

Craft Concierge office
Craft Concierge membership

Primary Care Memberships

With our Primary Care Membership, Craft Concierge gives patients faster access to their physician, more one-on-one time with their doctor at appointments, and more personalized care overall.

Here’s what you can access: 

  • Unlimited Physician Appointments and Acute Visits
  • 24/7 Access to the Virtual Care Team
  • Annual Core Labs
  • Advanced Diagnostic Imaging and X-rays
  • Medication Available On-Site
  • Minor Procedures
  • Telemedicine Appointments
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Speciality Care Coordination

Which Craft Concierge Membership is Right for You?

Not sure which membership is right for you? We’ll help you decide.


You Have Questions, We Have Answers

We understand there are always questions that can be answered – especially when you’re exploring something new. Here are a few of the most common questions we get each day.

Our basic package costs $150/month and the premier package costs $300/month.

Your monthly subscription to our membership-based primary care covers all office visits and in-office testing, same-day or next-day visits, extended time with your physician as well as call/text access to your doctor directly, unlimited X-ray, minor procedures, wellness education, chronic disease management (such as high blood pressure and diabetes), sick visits, and coordination of care with specialists when needed.

We also offer the added savings and convenience of discounted prescription medications as well as discounted rates on lab work and imaging.

Craft Concierge also offers top-notch cardiovascular prevention, early cancer detection, and weight management programs depending on your membership selection.
Benefits include full access to primary care, little to no wait for appointments, extended time with your doctor at your appointment, and direct communication with your doctor via text and email. Appointments are convenient and can be completed in person or via video or phone. Patients can avoid the hassles involved with copays, meeting deductibles, and billing third-party insurance, as well, with our direct primary care memberships.
Anyone! Individuals, couples, and families can all benefit from this model. This includes those who are relatively healthy and rarely see a doctor or have chronic disease and need to see a doctor often.

Our first location will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We plan on expanding this service to Raleigh, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee in the near future. Austin, Texas is a location we plan to open down the road, as well.

Many patients end up saving money on their healthcare costs even if they have health insurance by using Craft Concierge for their primary care needs.

Still have questions?

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