Comprehensive Care Membership

Jeff Potter
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“Dr. Bazler has been my primary doctor for a couple years and have been extremely happy with the care and service. I found myself in a situation of needing stitches on a bad cut on my finger. I called the clinic and they found time to get me in right away. I saved hours not having to go to urgent care for the stitches and post care. Craft Concierge also saved me from addition medical costs since my visits were included in my monthly subscription. I couldn’t have been happier with the experience."
Holly Virden
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"Dr Bazler and Kayla are top notch care givers!! Her compassion, understanding and willingness to dig into the why’s has been so refreshing. I’ve had too many spend 28 seconds with me and prescribe a pill they may or may not be getting a kickback on! She has spent time listening, provided thorough testing and has actually uncovered a pretty big secret as it relates to how my body works…which is about opposite of how I’ve been treating it for 4 decades. I’m excited to work with their team to see if I can dial in my WELL CARE to look and feel my absolute best!

Our Promise

Our Comprehensive Membership provides patients a healthcare experience unlike any other, where you have unlimited, personalized 1:1 physician appointments, immediate access to our virtual care team, and a wealth of medical resources at your fingertips. With us, there are no co-pays, deductibles, or hidden fees – just an uninterrupted focus on your health journey.

the comprehensive care promise
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Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional healthcare models; navigating complex insurance networks, and worrying about the cost of each service or procedure. With your Comprehensive Membership, revel in the freedom of same-day appointments and a supportive community dedicated to your well-being.

Included in your Comprehensive Membership access to our exclusive transformative core programs: Early Cancer Detection, Cardiovascular, and Lifestyle Optimization.

What is Comprehensive Care?

Our Comprehensive care membership is more than just a service; it’s a healthcare journey tailored for you, committed to understanding every nuance of your health. In a world where traditional healthcare often reacts to illnesses as they emerge, we prioritize a more proactive approach, before issues surface.

We provide a coordinated, seamless, and efficient.

Our approach is comprehensive. It’s about more than just addressing ailments; it’s about empowering you to live your healthiest, most vibrant life.

What’s included in your comprehensive membership

Here’s what these life-changing programs have to offer for patients just like you.

Become a Comprehensive Care Member Today

Personalized well-being is not just a promise, but a lifestyle as a cherished member of Craft Concierge’s Comprehensive Care family. With us, you have that power of holistic healthcare right at your fingertips, tailored to you – take that meaningful step and become a member today.

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