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Craft Concierge’s Cardiovascular Program is a vital aspect of our Comprehensive Care package. Your heart is at the core of your well-being, influencing your energy, clarity, and endurance. Our program, using cutting-edge testing, proactively assesses and enhances your cardiovascular health.

Discover the power of a healthy heart seamlessly integrated into our Comprehensive Care. Craft Concierge prioritizes your cardiovascular well-being for a vibrant, active life. Join us on this journey toward a stronger, healthier you. The Cardiovascular Program is not just a diagnostic tool; it’s your proactive step to a heartier life with Craft Concierge.

Trusted by Happy Patients

Lance CaseyLance Casey ★★★★★ I saw Dr. Bazler for a year and she and her staff provided exceptional care. She diagnosed a rare condition that was keeping blood pressure too high and uncontrollable. But after the diagnosis, I was able to get treated and blood pressure is finally normal. Many thanks to Dr. B. and her team!Rachel RichterRachel Richter ★★★★★ So grateful for Dr. Bazler and the Craft Concierge team. With my busy schedule, having 24/7 virtual care access has made it easy for me to get the care I need.Matthew OrtizMatthew Ortiz ★★★★★ Dr. Bazler and her team are great! I highly recommend her. She is super attentive and knowledgeable, and you can tell she truly enjoys helping her patients.Todd HildebrandtTodd Hildebrandt ★★★★★ Craft’s Concierge is a great service and helps keep my family healthy.Alex EscobarAlex Escobar ★★★★★ Highly recommend! Dr. Bazler is so informative and ensures you are in the best of hands!!Jared GallagherJared Gallagher ★★★★★ I have a young child in preschool, which means someone in our house is usually sick. While she bounces back like a healthy child normally can, I am often left with lingering coughs and other ailments. In the past, this has caused major headaches - sitting in waiting rooms, shelling out co-pays and more. With Dr. Bazler, I am able to be seen on my own time and get the treatments or medicine I need to get back on my feet. Thank you!Laurie CourseyLaurie Coursey ★★★★★ Dr. Bazler is wonderful!!!Phillip CainPhillip Cain ★★★★★ Hunter WallisHunter Wallis ★★★★★ Though I am new, I am beyond impressed and thankful for what Dr. Bazler is doing. I hope what she is doing spreads like wildfire because I believe everyone should get the care and attention they need when it comes to health. Thanks Doc!!!!Jeff PotterJeff Potter ★★★★★ Dr. Bazler has been my primary doctor for a couple years and have been extremely happy with the care and service. I found myself in a situation of needing stitches on a bad cut on my finger. I called the clinic and they found time to get me in right away. I saved hours not having to go to urgent care for the stitches and post care. Craft Concierge also saved me from addition medical costs since my visits were included in my monthly subscription. I couldn’t have been happier with the experience.Joey WilsonJoey Wilson ★★★★★ Dr. Bazler is a physician with integrity—working for the health and wellbeing of her patients and her family. She is incredibly professional, intelligent, and compassionate.Holly VirdenHolly Virden ★★★★★ Dr Bazler and Kayla are top notch care givers!! I actually vet doctors as my career and can tell you, I rarely see one of this caliber! Her compassion, understanding and willingness to dig into the why’s has been so refreshing. I’ve had too many spend 28 seconds with me and prescribe a pill they may or may not be getting a kickback on!She has spent time listening, provided thorough testing and has actually uncovered a pretty big secret as it relates to how my body works…which is about opposite of how I’ve been treating it for 4 decades. I’m excited to work with their team to see if I can dial in my WELL CARE to look and feel my absolute best!Kim HamrickKim Hamrick ★★★★★ Dr. Bazler has been my pcp for over two years! She opened her own practice recently and I couldn’t be more happy! She is so compassionate, thorough, patient, and attentive! She has great bedside manner and listens to my concerns. I am so very grateful to her and her team! Thank you for caring!!!!Stout FamilyStout Family ★★★★★ Although I’m in a company plan, I am compelled to share how wonderful Dr Bazler is! She was out in network doctor at one time. She saw my son in 2021 during a very frustrating time of health issues. She was hands down the most compassionate AND attentive doctor I’ve encountered. I was devastated when our coverage moved away from her location. While this is a new concept to medical care, I can vouch it’s with a top quality doctor that will make for a great experience!js_loader

Primary Care Cardiology Specialized For You

How Our Cardiovascular Package Works


State-of-the-Art Testing


Precision Health Reports


Early Risk Detection


What’s Included In Your Cardiovascular Package

  • Personalized Cardiovascular Risk Report

  • EKGs (Electrocardiograms)

  • Peripheral Artery Scans

  • CT Heart Scan (for those 30+ years old)

  • CT Angiograms

  • Carotid Artery Scans

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Personalized Cardiovascular Risk Report

  • EKGs (Electrocardiograms)

  • Peripheral Artery Scans

  • CT Heart Scan (for those 30+ years old)

  • CT Angiograms

  • Carotid Artery Scans

  • Body Composition Analysis


Curious About Additional Benefits?

Discover More with Our Comprehensive Care Package!

Wondering what else our Comprehensive Care package offers? Get a glimpse of the additional perks that await you. For all the details, check out our page. Your journey to comprehensive well-being just got more intriguing!


On a Budget?

See Our Primary Care Membership

Explore Craft Concierge’s Primary Care Membership if you’re seeking a cost-effective option without the need for extensive services. Starting at just $150, this membership delivers essential healthcare benefits, such as same-day appointments, virtual care, and personalized attention. Tailored for those who prioritize quality care within a budget, Craft Concierge’s Primary Care Membership is your gateway to accessible healthcare that caters to your specific needs without compromising on excellence.

“Dr. Amber Bazler is so communicative. I can send her a text and within the hour I have a response. Man I tell ya, what a difference! She’s spent more time with me than any other doctor I’ve had. I feel much better now knowing that my care is with the CCM team.”

Jim Jeffries

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

We understand there are always questions that can be answered – especially when you’re exploring something new. Here are a few of the most common questions we get each day.

Our Comprehensive Care Plans start at $350. For a more budget-friendly alternative, explore our Primary Care Membership, beginning at $150.
No, cardiology direct primary care is a specialized approach that integrates cardiology services into primary care, ensuring a comprehensive focus on cardiovascular health.
Concierge Cardiology goes beyond traditional practices by combining the benefits of primary care with specialized cardiology services, providing a more personalized and proactive approach to heart health.
Yes, Craft Concierge’s virtual care extends to cardiology services, allowing you to receive expert advice and consultations from the comfort of your home.
Cardiology Direct Primary Care offers a proactive, personalized, and integrated approach to heart health, combining the benefits of primary care and specialized cardiology services for a comprehensive wellness journey.
Our primary care at Craft Concierge does not include cardiology services. However, our cardiovascular package is seamlessly integrated into our Comprehensive Care Membership, offering a specialized and comprehensive healthcare experience that addresses both primary and cardiology needs.

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