Direct Primary Care: The Journey of Tulsa’s Jim Jefferies

Jim "Hoot Owl" Jefferies stands in front of a CT scanner at Craft Concierge in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In the heart of Tulsa, where the rhythm of daily life is set to the sounds of the radio, there exists a voice that has become synonymous with joy. That voice belongs to Jim “Hoot Owl” Jefferies, a revered local radio personality who has graced the airwaves for years, bringing brightness to countless mornings and smiles to the faces of his listeners.


For decades, Jim Jefferies has been a beloved voice heard across the United States and a fixture on the morning show of Tulsa’s Big Country 99.5 FM. He has been the heart and soul of his community, known for his ability to lift spirits and bring people together. But it was when he began to prioritize his own well-being that the winds of change began to blow. 


Jim’s journey toward better health began with a simple yet profound decision – to undergo a preventative heart and lung scan. The results of this scan would unearth a reality he never anticipated. In his own words, Jim reflects on this pivotal moment, “I got to tell you, I was spending hours on the internet, WebMD and all these things because I had some issues. And then finally met with Dr. Amber Bazler at Craft Concierge here, and at the time I spent with her, she gave me some information that was much needed. I felt so much more comfortable with what was going on with me in the treatments and the therapy.” 


Dr. Bazler, Craft Concierge medical director, played an indispensable role in Jim’s transformative journey. The direct primary care service Craft Concierge offers allows Jim full control of his health outcomes, with unlimited one-to-one appointments, 24/7 care support and more. In his praise, Jim highlights Dr. Bazler’s unique qualities, saying, “She is so communicative. I can send her a text or an email, and within the hour, I’ve got a message back. Man, I tell you what a difference. She spent so much time with me initially, more time than my regular doctor would, and we went through some information and had some issues that I had to deal with. But I feel much better now knowing that my care is with Dr. Bazler at Craft Concierge.” 


Jim’s story is not just a personal journey but a powerful testament to the significance of early detection and personalized healthcare. It serves as a compelling reminder that safeguarding our health should always be a top priority, no matter how busy life gets. 


In Tulsa, Jim “Hoot Owl” Jefferies has transitioned from being merely a voice on the radio to a living embodiment of the triumph of early detection and the unyielding strength of the human spirit. 


“If you’re thinking about Craft Concierge and direct primary care, do it.”  


To learn more about Jim’s journey and what Craft Concierge has to offer, click here or watch Jim’s testimonial below.

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